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Jett Cannabis is a Colorado-based CO2 concentrate manufacturer featuring CO2 Oil Cartridges & Pure CO2 essential oil.  

Jett Cannabis strives to fulfill the evolving desires of discerning Colorado consumers for a transcendent essential cannabis oil. From preserving the natural flavor profiles to advancing the technology we provide, our team is fully committed to making the highest quality product on the market. Jett uses only the highest quality ingredients; hand-picked, individually sourced, inspected, (and) extracted. Jett utilizes the best equipment, advanced processing procedures and a family of dedicated, passionate staff to create our premium essential CO2 oil extract.

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Changing the Game
Vape pens have always been convenient when discretion is necessary. Jett is raising the bar with pure high quality vape pens and CO2 oil that delivers all the flavors and effects you’re looking for. We preserve up to 15% terpenes and an entire spectrum of cannabinoids in each batch of essential oil. The game has officially changed, a pleasurable vaping experience every time, guaranteed.


Light & Flavorful

Our “Casual” line is for the weekend, visitors and occasional cannabis consumers. It’s lower in THC for easier dosing, with specific blends of naturally occurring terpenes to ensure a consistent flavor and effect, each and every time. Available in Sativa / Indica, 500 / 250 mg.


    Pure & Satisfying

    Our “Enthusiast” line is for frequent cannabis enjoyment. It’s THC content exceeds 60%, and is naturally flavored with source terpenes. For the knowledgeable cannabis consumer who appreciates high-grade uncut oil, this is the go-to line. Available in Sativa / Indica, 500 / 250 mg.


      Potent & Robust

      Our “Connoisseur” line is completely free of residual solvents. With robust refinement that boosts the THC, cannabinoids and original terpine content up to 90%, each batch is full and unique, offering a superior experience with enhanced effects. Available in Sativa / Indica, 500 / 250 mg.

        Jett VP1.0

        with Bottle Opener

        The Jett Brand Vape Pen battery and USB charger is made to work perfectly with the Jett CO2 oil cartridges. The included carabiner is the package, so there is no waste, lessening your carbon footprint. Purchase this and other Jett Brand Tees, hats and merchandise at or the $ link below.

          State of the Art Processing

          If you're a dispensary or grow facility looking for product processing, please shoot us an email us at, or give us a call at 720-900-5388 any time. We are one of the few cannabis extraction laboratories in Colorado that uses a pharmacuetical grade Waters Bio-Botanical Supercritical Fluid Extraction system, along with an extensive post extraction purification process. We employ our passion for science and cannabis into each product and every step of our process. We craft extract each strain for a specific flavor, effect, and user experience. Jett’s small batch approach gives us the opportunity to present you with options. We educate and inform you so you’ll understand the advantages of the Jett product line. You have the freedom of choice, and what to enjoy is ultimately your own decision. Jett Chooses Quality.

          Where to Find Jett
          Jett is a product manufacturer only, so we rely on a network of amazing retail partners in Colorado to carry our products. If you work at a dispensary, and are interested in carrying our products, please contact us at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

          Get #JettSet
          Cannabis consumers are all regular people just like you are I. We are women, men, doctors, lawyers, business people, teachers, construction workers and more. We enjoy cannabis at the end of a hard days work. We take advantage of the freedom that Colorado and the citizens of Colorado have provided to choose cannabis as a way to unwind. Jett loves to feature the everyday cannabis user, and does so through the hashtag #jettset on Social Media.

          Any More Questions

          If you've got questions, we've got answers. If you have any questions about Jett Cannabis, our oils, carrying us, interviewing us, or for any other reason, please feel free to reach out. We will have a response for you within a day, and hopefully an answer just as fast.

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          Jett Cannabis takes Health, Safety and Compliance Seriously.
          Jett Complies with the Constitution, Statues and Regulations of the Marijuana Enforcement Division